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Born in a poor farming village in rural Pakistan, much of Mohammad’s childhood was spent helping his father tend their field.

His father’s meagre income was barely sufficient to sustain their family. Like so many children from underprivileged communities, Mohammad had no hope of receiving an education. But things changed when he got a Hafiz Quran Sponsorship from Al Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT).

AMWT’s Hafiz Quran Sponsorship programme allows children from underprivileged communities to receive a religious education for free. The Hifz courses enable sponsored students to master Islamic scripture through memorisation and exegetic understanding. Students who show potential, often go onto pursue further education.

Through the generous support of one AMWT donor, Mohammad started his Hifz course and his primary school education simultaneously. He completed both in three years, and continued to pursue a secular education full time. Today, Mohammad is studying at the Islamic University in Islamabad, where he’s training to be an Alim -Islamic Scholar.

AMWT’s Hafiz Quran Sponsorship provided Mohammad with an education. It gave him opportunities for development and the choices to pursue his own path. There are thousands of children in developing countries who are bright and brimming with potential. They just need the opportunity. If you are able to help,

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