Osama is a 9-year old hafiz at AMWT’s Hifz ul Quran Academy, in Okara, Pakistan. Through the sponsorship of one generous donor, he’s been pursuing a Qur’anic education in the hope of mastering Tajweed ul Qirat and one day becoming a Qari. Osama is currently memorising chapter 8 of the Holy Qur’an. He recited Surah An-Naba as a gift to donors who have made it possible for him to receive an education.

For children in the developing world, getting an education is often a far off dream. Muhammad Osama was one of these children. The eldest son of a labourer at a brick factory in Okara, he was considered lucky to have attended primary school for a while. But with seven children to feed, Osama’s father couldn’t support his son’s desire to continue learning. Osama was particularly keen on learning to read the Holy Qur’an. His prayers were answered when he received a sponsorship through Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust’s (AMWT) Hafiz Qur’an Sponsorship program. Osama was enrolled at Hifz ul Quran Academy boarding school several months ago. Today he’s a fulltime student making excellent progress in his studies. Osama’s sponsorship doesn’t just pay for his education. It covers the cost of his accommodation at the school; his school dinners; healthcare (provided to all the students) and even pays for clothes and stationary. By sponsoring a Hafiz with AMWT, you aren’t just giving a child the tools to learn the Holy Qur’an. You’re also giving them a better future and securing their present

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