A year ago, if we’d asked Mumtaz about educating his children, he’d have said he wishes he could at least afford to send his son to school.

A poor father of six, hailing from a remote village in Muzaffarabad, Mumtaz would never have dreamed that his daughters could also get an education.

Mumtaz earns a meagre income through labour work. His salary barely suffices to feed a family of eight. Still, the loving father never gave up on the wish to send one of his children to school. As impossible as this dream was, Mumtaz didn’t want his children to be trapped in a cycle of poverty. He believed that getting an education could give them better opportunities.

When Mumtaz approached Al Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT) for a potential Hafiz Quran sponsorship for his son, our team asked him if he’d like to give his daughters the same chance. He couldn’t believe his ears. When the sponsorships came through for the eldest three girls, he and his wife were elated with joy.

Today 12 year-old Nadia, 11 year-old Najda and 8 year-old Shahida are all receiving a Quanic and secular education at an AMWT madrasa near their village. Their sponsorship pays for their education and also covers the cost of their lodging, schoolbooks, food, and even clothing. All three sister dream of becoming teachers when they grow up, so that they can teach little girls.

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