Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s (AMWT) Hafiz sponsorship program supports many children in fulfilling their ambitions to memorize the Holy Quran.

Without this sponsorship scheme, 14 year old Nadeem would have had to give up his dream of going to school, and start working in a brick factory instead.

Nadeem is one of six children and lives in Neelum valley, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. His father was already struggling to make ends meet with the money he was earning from working in a brick factory. Paying for Nadeem to continue his studies was not an option.

With support from AMWT and your generous donations, Nadeem is now completing his Hifz (memorization) of the Holy Quran. His progress has been phenomenal. What’s more, Rahim’s sponsorship has also allowed us to provide him with a primary school education alongside his Quranic education. Rahim hopes to continue with his studies and eventually complete further education, but this will only be possible with your support.

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