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Iftar in Al Aqsa for the needy

Every Ramadan, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is organising daily iftar and suhoor meals so that those in need can both open and close their fast with nutritious food.

 In Palestine, access to food is scarce, largely due to poverty rather than a shortage of food. This means that nourishing food is simply not accessible to many people living in the area – 1.6 million Palestinians struggle to obtain the sustenance they need on a daily basis due to low wages and high prices.

 Last year, food insecurity affected 34% of Palestinian households, an increase of 27% on the previous year.

 With your support we are able to provide daily iftar and suhoor meals to Palestinians, so we can make sure nobody is hungry this Ramadan.

Feeding the Fasting during Lockdown

This year, the people of Palestine need our help more than ever. The Coronavirus pandemic and the lock-downs that have been implemented have left the people of Palestine more vulnerable than ever. With nowhere to flee, a weak health infrastructure and no income, countless Palestinians are in urgent need of support. For many, they don’t have access to even basic food, and so wonder how they will survive this pandemic.

At Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, we will be providing hot, nutritious iftar meals to those around Al Aqsa Mosque. You can help provide vital food so no-one goes hungry this Ramadan. Donate just £250 today.

Daily iftar and suhoor meals throughout Ramadan so that those in need can both open and close their fast with nutritious food. 

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