“Zakat is the bridge of Islam; so, whoever performs it can cross the bridge and whoever withholds it will be detained beneath it. And it (Zakat) extinguishes the anger of the Lord.”

- Bihar Al-Anwar

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Zakat is the third pillar of Islam

Who is eligible for Zakat?

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam, and an obligatory one for those with wealth. Zakat should only be given to the poor in need of the basic requirements of living. There is a minimum 2.5% pay rate on behalf of your savings, investments and on any gold and silver you own, this is an obligation for every year.

Zakat rules

The rules of zakat are simple, to have means to share. Whether you have savings, investments, and gold or silver, there is a small percentage to pay and one of your pillars is complete. The one rule is, the person getting the zakat should not be anyone from your own immediate family, including siblings and spouses.

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Zakat calculator (UK)

If you require any help regarding how much zakat you’ve got to pay, we have you covered. On our website we have the easy to use zakat calculator available for you anytime. With this, you can enter the weight of your gold or silver and the savings you have in your personal bank along with investments and how much they’re worth now. Check out the zakat calculator UK on our website for more accuracy on your donations.

100% ZaKAT policy

With your donations, we promise to give every last penny to the cause you’ve donated it to. With our 100% Zakat policy, we manage to reach people all over the world without subtracting any costs, therefore you get rewarded for every last penny. With this policy you can really see the differences you’ve intended to make come alive.

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