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I gave the pledge of allegiance to the prophet (SAW) for offering prayer perfectly, giving zakat and giving advice to every Muslim.

-Sahih Bukhari – chapter 24, 484

Zakat calculator UK

Calculate your zakat

How to calculate zakat?

Calculating zakat is simple, it’s based on your savings and investments. Every year you can round up on all your finances and use the calculator on our website to find the exact amount you are due to pay. You need to calculate zakat on savings that have the sole purpose of being savings and are not a necessity, and when gold and silver reach a certain amount.

How to calculate zakat on salary?

Based on your salary, zakat can be calculated annually. If your nisab is above the basics needed throughout day to day or even annually, you’re entitled to pay zakat. For example, the zakat calculator gold tola tells you the certain weight of the gold in grams and therefore if it exceeds the weight in which zakat should be paid. It goes same for the silver.

zakat calculator uk

We help you calculate how much zakat you need to pay from each gram of gold you own

Zakat calculator gold grams

We help you calculate how much zakat you need to pay from each gram of gold you own. For both gold and silver, there is a small amount of money you need to pay when they reach a certain amount of weight. For gold, it’s at anything above 87.48 grams.

Business zakat calculator

With businesses, it’s more or less the same principles. Zakat must be paid on the calculations of any profit made, including all stock in trade. Other trades including land and real estate agents with the sole purpose of resale or in rent are all entitled for zakat. Produced goods and other materials of yours for selling are also subject for zakat, along with any other essentials that come with the process of that business.

zakat calculator uk

In the UK, you can pay off your zakat in many forms.

Zakat UK

In the UK, you can pay off your zakat in many forms. With our zakat calculator UK, you can see exactly how much you need to pay from your assets and savings in the amount of GB pound sterling. With the nisab zakat, along with both cash and business values you can find a clarifying zakat calculator to tell you the worthy amount you need to give.

Afterall, with your zakat donation, insha’allah you can make huge differences to people’s lives. Feel the grace of your lord today and complete a pillar of your deen, and heaven shall be the best you’ve ever seen.

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