Calculating Zakat for 2019

Giving zakat is obligatory for all applicable Muslims in Islam. However, as nisab values can vary, not all of us will always know how much we are liable to pay. To make the process easier for you, simply enter all of your values into our handy calculator tool and your zakat contribution will be determined for you.

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Al Mustafa Welfare Trust Zakat Calculator

Calculate and Pay Your Zakat using the Latest Nisab Values – updated automatically for you.

Enter all assets that have been in your possession over the last lunar year into the zakat calculator for the UK below:

Gold & silver
Business Assets

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The value of your payable Zakat is


Nisab values

Silver nisab


Gold nisab


Guidance on weight:

Nisab in tola = 7.5 tola

How to Calculate Zakat

The amount of zakat you owe in any given year will be based on your retained wealth for one exact lunar year. 2.5% of this wealth above the zakat nisab must then be given as your zakat contribution. This zakat percentage is universal and there are few to no exceptions to this number.

It is important to bear in mind that zakat tax UK is not only payable on gold, silver and cash; it is also payable on any business profits, investments, any money owed to you, shares, property income, and bonds. The zakat payable is based on the relevant sums at the time of paying the sums (at the end of the complete lunar year) as, understandably, maintained profit can vary over the course of the year.

At Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, we have spent decades working towards providing exceptional healthcare to the most vulnerable people of our society. With over 35 years of experience and having helped millions of people over this time, we have handled and distributed zakat efficiently for countless Muslims around the globe. By entrusting us with your donation, you are ensuring that your act of worship doesn’t just reach those how need it most, but it does so quickly and effectively.

Whether you have calculated and paid your zakat countless times over the years or this is the first time you will be giving, our zakat calculator makes the entire process easier for you.

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Our Mosques maintain the pillar of salat; similarly, Muslim communities across the world must represent the pillar of zakat.

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