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Water Wells save entire communities

When you build a water well, you transform an entire community. People of all ages benefit, and nobody lives in the fear of life-threatening diseases such as typhoid and cholera. Women no longer need to walk for miles each day to collect water for their families, and so are free to dedicate their time to anything they wish – work, their families, themselves. Families and communities prosper as children go to school, and nobody has to bear the brunt of hefty medical bills due to drinking dirty water.

Reports state that 790 million people globally do not have clean and fresh water close to their homes, and as a result, water-borne diseases and illnesses kill almost one million people annually. The devastating impact of drinking water is one of the major things that keeps societies locked in cycles of poverty.

The Prophet (saw) said that ‘The best form of charity is to give someone water (to drink).’ (Ibn Majah)

You can build a water well for a community in need, and truly save lives and enable everyone to flourish. Giving water is more than quenching thirst. It is about helping communities to thrive and break cycles of poverty.

Build a small water well / hand pump for a vulnerable family

Small water wells, or handpumps, are built inside or just outside people’s homes. They provide direct access to clean water for families, at any time of the day. Their compact size means they are easy to use, and save women and children from having to walk miles each day to collect water to drink.

A water well in somebody’s house changes their life entirely. They no longer fear getting sick, and are able to fulfil all their needs directly at home with no hassle.

Building Electric Water Wells in Pakistan

In Pakistan, we build electric water wells inside schools, hospitals and mosques. This allows us to provide clean and fresh water to hundreds of people every single day. In crowded locations, clean water helps reduce the spread of disease and the risk of infection among

By building electric water wells in schools, we help keep children safe and also raise awareness about hygiene and sanitation. Through an electric water well, over 150 students benefit from clean water each day.

When we build electric water wells in hospitals, we help ensure patients and their guests are hydrated and do not put other patients at risk with the spread of disease or contaminated water. Each water well in a hospital benefits 500 people each day.

600 people benefit daily from electric water wells in mosques, as water is used for ablution and drinking. For an additional £600, we are able to go one step further and create a separate, designated space for ablution before prayer.

Solar Water Wells in water scarce countries

Climate change and drought has meant that in a number of countries, water can only be reached from deep depths under the earth. Sometimes, one needs to dig up to 3,000ft underground in order to reach water that can be safely drunk. This means normal water wells collect water which is unsafe to drink, and is dirty. This happens in Pakistan, Somalia, Kenya, Malawi, and Gambia, where water is scarce and communities are living in extreme poverty. In order to provide clean water, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust constructs solar water wells, which uses the power of sunlight to collect clean, fresh water from deep below the ground.

The electric motor runs for 2 hours, in which time, enough water can be collected for an entire village of between 400 and 600 people.

Large Water Wells – Agricultural water well

We build large water wells to dig up to 300 feet deep below the earth’s surface to extract clean drinking water for 2,000 people – an entire village. The water helps all community members in all aspects, including drinking, washing, cooking and irrigation of land.

Community Water Wells

Tharparkar, Pakistan’s desert region in interior Sindh has been facing years of drought which has left the community in desperate need. A lack of water has also led to a lack of food, and caused malnutrition across the entire population, especially women. For pregnant women, this is particularly harmful as it can cause major issues with childbirth. Malnutrition for pregnant women can lead to premature babies who are also malnourished, and many do not survive. It is a dangerous cycle, which begins with a lack of water. Women have no choice but to walk for miles each day, sometimes multiple times a day, to collect water for themselves and their families.

In Tharparkar, we construct community water wells to help 200 families at a time. A community water well transforms an entire community, promotes health and inspires a better way of life for everybody. Over 1,000 people benefit from each water well.

Our water well success so far

8 million people have benefited from Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s water projects so far. While we have achieved so much together, there is still so much to do. Millions are still struggling without clean water, and this is having catastrophic effects on entire communities and on future generations.

Water is the basic building block of life. Nobody should have to go without, especially in 2021 and all the advances of modern life. Do not leave behind those most in need. Give the gift of water today and save lives.

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