Somalia is in the midst of an extreme drought that is putting more than two million lives at risk through starvation and dehydration. 

Last year was another where the seasonal rains didn’t come; these usually fall between April and June. Without this essential rain, the Somalian population is suffering and in danger of facing one of the worst famines ever recorded. 

Without access to clean water and food, villages in Somalia are unable to grow crops, leaving them unable to feed their families and livestock. Hunger is the most extreme form of poverty and has many far-reaching consequences. A lack of access to nutritious food leaves people weak, causes illness and can ultimately lead to death. 

After suffering for so long from conditions out of their control, once again these innocent people are living in terror during this period of drought and famine. Without knowing where their next meal will come from, the Somalian people are heading towards a major humanitarian emergency.  

Hadiyyah 28, a mother of three children, said that she along with some mothers are “leaving their villages and walking for weeks on barefoot, to get aid for our children who are suffering from malnutrition”. 

Qurbani or Udhiyyah holds a special place in Islam. It’s stressed upon in the Qur’an and is a reminder of Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) devotion, obedience and sacrifice for Allah (SWT). Qurbani is also an act of giving to others in their time of need. Despite its significance, its critical role within Islam is often missed resulting in its tremendous barakah being lost. 

To work on its significance, AMWT is keen to ensure that we help make Eid ul-Adha extra special for those living in food poverty and hunger. By making it possible to supply your Qurbani to vulnerable families living in poverty, you are helping those in need to receive meat, a rare luxury, allowing them to enjoy the festive season, too. 

“My family is struggling for simple food, every day we are not sure where to get it. Thanks to AMWT and their generous donors for giving us this luxury; my children will enjoy meat after a year without. We have already forgotten the taste of it”.


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