At Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, our charitable team work to supply an extensive variety of necessary services to people in need within Pakistan. From healthcare and education to food, water and emergency relief, our strong network enables us to help those in need across the country.

Worldwide poverty is an ongoing issue, which is why we are dedicated to providing sustainable, long-lasting solutions. With your generous support, our aid reaches the vulnerable in Africa, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Gaza and Syria.

Over the last 35 years, we are proud to have been able to provide humanitarian relief and development projects for many individuals, families and communities in some of the poorest regions of the world. Thanks to the continuing support of our kind donors, we have managed to highlight the suffering, injustice and inequality faced by many of these people.


Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is the leading Muslim charity when it comes to delivering free healthcare to those in need across the world. Our team are currently running 34 hospitals and medical centres, providing the following services:

  • Department of Thalassemia
  • Dialysis
  • Eye departments
  • Cleft lip and palate operations
  • Teeth departments
  • Maternity
  • Bone operations
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Newborn special care department
  • Free vaccination centres

  • 24-hour blood bank services
  • Specialist disease services
  • Diagnosis services
  • Free medical camps
  • Emergency medical camps
  • Ambulance services
  • Physiotherapy
  • Limb restoration centres
  • Free eye camps

For our 2017-2018 Global Vision Aid campaign, we aim to conduct 100,000 cataract operations in Burma, Gambia, Sudan, Kenya, Pakistan, Somalia, Palestine and Bangladesh. To date, 74,000 surgeries have been completed.

Cleft Lip Surgery

Across the world, more than one million children suffer from untreated clefts. In comparison to their peers, those who suffer from cleft lips and palates are less likely to go to school, get married or keep a job.

Al Mustafa Welfare Society, our sister organisation, carried out more than 7,500 surgeries across 2015 and 2016. This is the highest recorded number of cleft operations performed throughout the world and is a testament to the hard work and dedication our team have put in since 2008 when we first began organising cleft operations.

Schools and Orphanages (Qur’an Institute)

Every child deserves an education. Since 1983, we have continuously strived to create a new range of opportunities to enable children across the world to go to school.

In Kashmir and Pakistan, we have a network of seven schools which allow children from low-income families to access an education.

Our goal is to help vulnerable women and children create a brighter future and keep out of poverty. With your generous support, sponsorship can provide healthcare, nutritious food, warm clothing, and access to an education for orphans in need across the world.

In Pakistan, we have 13 orphanages which are home to 7,000 children. We also provide Eid gifts to all the children living and studying an Islamic education in our orphanages and institutes.

Water and Sanitation

The number of deaths caused by diarrheal diseases can be reduced by an average of 65% when water, hygiene and sanitation issues are addressed.

We are constantly working to develop self-sustaining and long-lasting programs relating to water and sanitation, which can then be used in schools, orphanages, medical centres and across whole communities.

Our team also supply straw filters to villages which will immediately provide clean water for the community, something which can additionally be used during disaster and emergency relief efforts.

The difference between clean and dirty water has the potential to save a life.

Food Aid

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust assists 200,000 individuals in approximately 11 countries every year by supply essential food packages to those in need. As well as supporting those suffering after an emergency, we work directly with communities to boost their nutrition intake and develop resilience.

During the Holy month of Ramadan, we are committed to delivering food packages to families in need, allowing everyone to share in the rewards and blessings of this auspicious time. We are also the first charity to have organised an iftar and suhoor project – Baitul Maqdis.

Disaster and Emergency Relief

We all deserve the right to enjoy a life free from danger and fear. However, when disasters, emergencies or conflicts occur, our team are one of the first organisations to respond. We deliver essential humanitarian support to those who are suffering, doing what we can to save and improve lives and protect the most vulnerable.

Rohingya Refugee Crisis Update

Our team continue to work inside Burma, sending aid and assistance to internal Rohingya refugees within Rakhine state. We have been providing humanitarian support to these vulnerable refugees since 2012, working to ease their burdens and provide the essentials needed for survival.

Many Rohingya refugees are women and children; some are injured but almost all are exhausted as they seek shelter in Bangladesh. These people have been left with nothing – we strive to provide shelters, clean water, nutritious food, hygiene supplies and medical assistance.


Our team is working with our partners in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon in order to provide support to the most vulnerable Syrian refugees.

We are distributing the following to refugees in need:

  • Food packages for families
  • Medical supplies
  • NFI kits
  • Water and sanitation solutions
  • Temporary shelters

Honour the Elderly

In Pakistan, we have a house for the elderly called ‘Aasheana’. This is where we take care of those who have left their own homes or have been ignored by their own children.

We provide essential food and medical aid, caring for these vulnerable people with respect, dignity and compassion.


Our free cataract surgeries Campaign is to perform 100,000 cataract surgeries in 8 countries which include: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Somalia, Gambia, Kenya, Sudan and Palestine.

So far, we have done 88,549+ Cataract Surgeries.



Burma Refugees (Cox’s Bazar)

Since 25th August, we have massively scaled up our operations in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. We now manage 7 health centres, 1 primary health centre and 2 inpatient facilities. The main illnesses among our patients are respiratory tract infections and diarrhoeal diseases, which are directly related to the poor shelter, water, and sanitation conditions in the settlements.


Al Mustafa Welfare Trust provides medical and psychological assistance to people affected by the ongoing conflict in Palestine. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust continued health programmes in Gaza and supporting thousands of people every year.


Al Mustafa Welfare Trust continues to provide healthcare to vulnerable people in Bangladesh, including many Rohingya refugees from Burma. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust runs a clinic offering comprehensive basic and emergency healthcare, as well as inpatient and laboratory services in Dhaka and in Sylhet.

Future Plans


  • Focusing on child protection - establishing child-friendly spaces and providing additional support to unaccompanied and separated children
  • Supporting the vulnerable with family tents and our community-based shelter project
  • Providing psychosocial counselling for new arrivals
  • Supporting registration for new arrivals

Shelter and NFIs

  • Providing core relief items to 40,000 people
  • Arranging temporary sheds with bamboo framing and plastic sheeting inside camps for new arrivals


  • Providing 50,000 people with life-saving medicines, referral services and health services

Food Security

  • Supporting community leaders in distributing food to new arrivals

Water and Sanitation

  • Upgrading WASH facilities

Community Empowerment

  • Providing 1,000 families (10,000 people) with multi-purpose cash-based intervention


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