Pakistan has experienced cycles of high growth interrupted by shocks and crises. Following steady economic growth in the early 2000s, the countryhas faced significant challenges in recent years due to political crisis, terrorism and natural calamities like floods. Rising levels of ethnic and religious strife, conflict and insecurity have further limited the country's capacity to deal effectively with persistent poverty.

As of 2015, Pakistan poverty statistics has shown that still there are more Pakistan people that belongs to the line of poverty. Going back to year 2014, there is a sharp rise in Pakistan’s food prices as well as in the international oil which brought some devastating impact on its economy, which lead to its slowing growth as the inflation had continued to soar. Poor population in Pakistan can hardly feed the family with proper diet.

Asia Bibi is a poor woman who lost her husband in cancer disease leaving behind four children. They live in a slum area in old city of Lahore. Asia earns her livelihood working in many houses as a cleaner since morning to evening but still can’t feed her children properly due to very low income via high prices of daily life.

Asia Bibi says, “My children could hardly be able to have meat once a while. They still remember last year Eid ul Azha when AMWT team provided us opportunity to get Qurbani meats. That was a dream came true on Eid”.

This year as usual, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust team have determined to provide Qurbani meats to the needy families in Pakistan and world over. Please come forward and donate to Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s Food Aid program, so that we can continue providing Qurbani meats to poor Muslimsto celebrate their Eid ul Azha.

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