After the completion of the Holy month of Ramadan, as we revert back to our usual working routines, the summer begins to really kick in as we try our best to keep ourselves and our children hydrated.

Out go the soups and teas (for some, anyway) along with the knitted jumpers and warm coats and instead, we welcome flip-flops, lighter attire, ice cold drinks and lollies!

One of the most refreshing things during this kind of heat is a nice, cold glass of water to start the morning with, and perhaps even a cold shower (or two!).

Charity Water Projects

However, these are, inevitably, the things we take for granted in life when we consider the lack of water resources that many millions of people across the world are facing on a daily basis. In some of these communities, water is so scarce that civilians are having to walk miles and miles in the burning heat each and every day to collect unsafe water just to survive.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though, as the majority of us are in a position to help those less fortunate than us. The human body contains a higher percentage of water, as opposed to anything else, so it is imperative to hydrate in order to survive. Not only this, but water is also crucial for hygiene and sanitation purposes – another thing we take for granted.

Charity Water Projects with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust

Each year, just under a million people die from water-borne diseases – of which, five children die each and every minute. Let’s work together and aim to reduce the number of water-related diseases and deaths each year.

Join Al Mustafa Welfare Trust and support our charity water projects in an aim to change the water scarcity issue for many and help to provide these people with sanitation systems and sufficient access to safe, clean water.

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