Udhiya, also known as Qurbani, means “sacrifice,” which commemorates the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismail as an act of obedience to Allah (SWT). In other words, the animal (e.g., goat, sheep, or camel) that is sacrificed during the days of Eid al Adha is reffered as Udhiya.

Muslims perform Udhiya by sacrificing an animal and then distributing the meat to their family, friends, and to the poor. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust will perform Udhiya 2024 in countries of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East region. We will involve local communities in the Udhiya to ensure that fresh meat is distributed to the needy people during Eid al Adha 2024.

Donate your Udhiya 2024 this year with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust.

The significance of Udhiya in Islam

Udhiya holds a significant place in Islam. It is a symbol of gratitude and devotion to Allah. The act of Qurbani is not just a physical sacrifice but also a spiritual act of giving.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“It is the Sunnah of your father Ibrahim (as). For every hair of the Qurbani, you receive a reward from Allah SWT.” (Tirmidhi)

This Hadith highlights the spiritual rewards and significance of performing Udhiya.

Animals for Qurbani/Udhiya 2024

Cow for Udhiya

  • Cows are commonly preferred for Udhiya due to their larger size, offering seven shares and enabling more meat distribution.
  • Ensure the cow meets Islamic eligibility criteria, including being at least two years old and in good health.
  • The cow should not exhibit signs of illness, such as appearing thin or having significant physical issues like blindness or severe lameness.
  • Proper feeding and hydration of the cow before sacrifice are essential.
  • Ethical treatment reflecting Islamic values is crucial during the Qurbani process.
  • Donating a cow or a share of a cow for Qurbani can help provide nutritious meat to vulnerable families and individuals, allowing them to celebrate Eid al-Adha 2024

Sheep for Udhiya

  • Sheep Qurbani is a popular choice for Udhiya, especially for small families or individuals.
  • Sheep must be at least one year old, having completed their first year and started their second.
  • In some cases, lambs at least six months old and appearing healthy and mature may be accepted.
  • The sheep should be in good health, free from sickness or weakness, and without significant physical flaws.

Donating sheep for Udhiya 2024 through Al Mustafa Welfare Trust can significantly improve the lives of impoverished households.Your gift of sheep Qurbani will help share the blessings of Qurbani with those in need worldwide.

Cow share for Udhiya

  • Donate a cow share for prices ranging from £25 to £286, depending on the country of contribution.
  • Each share represents a contribution made by an individual or family to the Qurbani, allowing more people to participate in the holy rite.
  • This approach spreads blessings and facilitates the fulfillment of religious duties without individuals bearing the entire cost of the animal.

Your Qurbani/Udhiya donation can bring smiles to the faces of needy individuals as they receive a special Eid gift. Donate now and share the spirit of Eid with those who need it most.

Donate Udhiya and share blessings

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust offers multiple Qurbani options that meet your needs and budget. With your Udhiya donation, we aim to reach vulnerable communities in need in 21 countries, including Gaza, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Djibouti, Somalia, Niger, Gambia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Nigeria, Malawi, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Rohingya (Burma), Sri Lanka and India.

Make your Qurbani/Udhiya donation to the people affected by war and conflict, such as those in Gaza, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, and Syria. Donate now! Your donation helps us ensure that the blessings of Eid touch the lives of countless individuals.

This Eid al Adha 2024 let’s boost the spirit of giving to most in need.

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