The ability to socialise with people on a daily basis is something we take for granted. For some, this is a luxury that is simply not available, because the society and circumstances they live in is not fully equipped to support their disability.

For Sadaf, this was her reality. Following a childhood accident, Sadaf lost her eyesight. This put a lot of responsibility on her parents, who had to maintain her daily care and keep her out of harm’s way. Without the right resources, the only way they were able to do this was by keeping Sadaf indoors all the time, every day. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT) operates free Eye-care Camps in eight of the world’s poorest countries. Our camp in Kashmir provided Sadaf and many other people like her with free eye-surgery. Her recovery was 100%. Being able to see again after so many years, was like a miracle for Sadaf and her family. “Alhumdulillah! It’s a miracle that I can see the whole world now,” she says, “May Allah SWT grant strength, tranquillity and blessings to everyone at AMWT. With their help, my life is changed completely, and I am now independent.” AMWT’s Eye Restoration Programme combats blindness and provides rehabilitation for those who are irreversibly blind. We also work with local organisations and youth groups, which tackle disability, in an effort to strengthen them. Following her recovery, Sadaf was offered rehabilitation and vocational training from AMWT. At first, her parents, who were so used to protecting her, were frightened for her safety. They didn’t want her to participate in any form of training. Eventually, they were convinced when a local field worker reassured them that it would be vital in Sadaf’s steps towards leading a normal life. Today, Sadaf is earning an income to provide for her poor family. There are thousands of people like Sadaf, the world over, who are isolated and trapped by blindness that can easily be cured. Please help us improve their lives and help them to see a brighter future.

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