Helping Pakistan floods victims in Fazilpur District.
Rajanpur giving away 2000 packets of ration.

The World is facing hotter days, rising sea levels, droughts and similar changes in recent decades all due to climate changes. The reason is the burning of fossil fuel, industrial waste and pollution. The most recent example is the flooding in Pakistan which washed away more than half of Pakistan’s  land including crops, homes and schools. This has destroyed nearly 6700 km of roads and damaged approximately 246 bridges.  This resulted in millions of people living out on roads or under shelter. Some of them don’t even have access to this.

Chairman Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, Abdul Razzaq Sajid, visited District Fazilpur, a small town in Rajanpur southern Punjab, anaffected area as he reported that people lost their homes, cattle and belongings.  He also added that children drowned in the flood, many girls lost their dowry and people , including children women and the elderly, are dying of hunger. He added that Al Mustafa Pakistan teams have arranged food for almost 2000 families in this village but, we cannot help those people alone. We all need to take our part so that the affected won’t lose their hopes  and when they will return from here, they could at least have one month ration for their family.

Chairman Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, Abdul Razzaq, showed gratitude for Ilford Islamic Center from the core of his heart for raising funds for victims. He also expressed appreciation for Redbridge Council for their support. The next step would be to help them build their homes and inhabit their colonies whenever they return to their land. Later, there will be need to build mosques and schools. If we will work together, people will settle in their houses sooner.

According to NDMA (Natural Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan)

  • Overall, 33 million, directly or indirectly, affected by these heavy rains and floods.  
  •  Sindh and Balochistan are the most affected areas where 1.17 million houses are damaged
  • 566,000 destroyed houses as of September 8 2022.
  • Nearly 1400 people lost their lives and 12,700 injured.
  • Nearly 500,000 livestock deaths reported nationwide.

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