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Leave behind a legacy of sadaqah

One of the ways you can continue to support the most vulnerable communities around the world is by leaving a gift for Al Mustafa Welfare Trust in your will.

A gift in your will for Al Mustafa is an incredible way to celebrate your dedication to fighting poverty and helping those most in need, and will be an excellent form of Sadaqah Jariyah for you.

Islamically you can leave up to 1/3 of your wealth for charity, which is hugely rewarding for you. Your gift could go towards bringing clean water to poor communities,distribute life-saving food, build sustainable livelihoods and care for orphans. These initiatives will benefit communities for years to come, giving you reward upon reward, even beyond this life.

“When a man passes away, his worldly acts come to an end, but three acts;

Recurring charity, knowledge (By which others) Benefit or a pious son who prays for him will bear continues reward (For The Deceased).”


Thinking about making an Islamic Will?

If you don’t have an Islamic will, you should consider making one as soon as possible, so your estate does not become subject to English law which do not cater for your Islamic faith. If you already have one and would like to include a gift for Al Mustafa Welfare, you could simply add a codicil.

You can get independent advice about writing a will that complies with the Qur’an and is legally valid under English Law from our partners, Farani Taylors Solicitors.

Farani Taylor is a leading law firm with offices located in the city of London, Ilford. Our Islamic Wills department provides a professional and confidential shariah compliant Will writing and Estate Planning service with over 29 years’ experience.

Our solicitors are multilingual which means that cross border communication is never a barrier. We believe in offering affordable legal advice that is practical, helpful and honest. Our aim is to be accessible to as many people as possible.

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