In the current financial climate, many of us know someone who is unemployed—a friend, a family member, a now-former co-worker.

However in many parts of the world, there are no state benefits for the unemployed, and no support net to help those in poverty.

Mohammad Qadri Hussain from Lahore, Pakistan took out a large loan to finance the marriage of his three daughters. Qadri had no job and was struggling to pay back his debts – slipping further and further into poverty. His two sons were forced to leave school.

When Qadari sought help at AMWT, our staff in Lahore knew he was much too old for employment. With the market as competitive as it is, and so many young people our of work, who would give him a job? Still, we were adamant to get Qadari back onto his feet. With the support of one of our generous donors, we helped him establish a small shop, with a few basic food items for sale.

Qadari worked hard to make his shop a success. It wasn’t long before he paid off his debt and even started earning enough to hire two employees.

“I have dreamed that I would run my own business,” says Qadari, “now this dream is a reality, and I can send my sons to school again.”

This Ramadan, your Zakat can help many more people who have fallen into debt and are struggling with extreme poverty. Calculate you Zakat using AMWT’s Zakat Calculator and read our Zakat Guide to find out more.

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