In the developing world, a single woman is vulnerable. A single woman with no eyesight lives in greater risk and has less hope of survival. But Bibi Khalida wasn’t just a single woman facing the onset of early blindness. She was a single mother.

A mother of four, Bibi Khalida lost her husband to cancer not long ago. Desperate to feed her children, she took up employment at a brick factory in her hometown, Mian Chunnu. She worked hard to make ends meet. But in a society where women are never treated equal to men, her efforts were not recognised. Women in the developing world are not only paid less than men, they are given fewer allowances for their shortcomings, while their disabilities are not easily tolerated. When Bibi Khalida’s deteriorating eyesight started affecting her work, she faced losing her job.

Unable to afford medical care, and on the verge of becoming unemployed, Bibi Khalida was desperately seeking alternative ways to provide for her children. The only options available to a woman in her situation filled her with terror. She could never have imagined at the time that her vision could be restored.

Help came in the form of AMWT’s eye-care camp, at Chiniot. Bibi Khalida made the 211 km journey from Mian Chunnu to the neighbouring city, on a small hope. Following a free screening, she was diagnosed with cataract and underwent surgery the very next day. The operation was successful, and with the medicated eye-drops provided by our medical staff, her recovery was swift.

Today, Bibi Khalida looks to the future with a clear and steady gaze. She has the most beautiful, green eyes. With the grace of God, she’s able to see with them again and earn a living with dignity.

Please give the gift of sight today. Help us restore dignity to women with curable blindness.

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