Sending her daughter off to an orphan home in Kahori was one of the hardest things Nazia’s mother did. But she knew that Nazia was better off getting an education in an environment safe for young orphan girls.

Nazia Afsar lost her father when she was very little. With two daughters and four sons to care for, he mother was forced to send some of her eldest boys to work. It broke her heart to see her children joining the labour force at such a young age. But there was no other way they could survive. For years the family eked a living in Kiran -their little village on the Jammu Kashmir border. When Nazia turned 11, she also started to work, performing cheap labour tasks for a meagre income. For her an her siblings, school and a basic education was a far off dream until Al Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT) staff came to their village.

Earlier this year, Nazia was enrolled at Ashiyana orphan home for girls in Kahori. Though it was hard for her mother to part from her youngest initially, she does not regret her decision any more. Today Nazia is receiving an education in Islamic studies, learning the Quran and pursuing her primary school studies. With her room and board paid for, Nazia receives basic medical care, clothing and often even gifts from her sponsor.

Please sponsor an orphan girl with AMWT today. With your support, we can prevent girls like Nazia from being compelled into child labor. We can give them a happy childhood and a second chance at a better start in life.

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