“My family and I spent the whole of last winter scooping rain-water out of our home.” -Kefaya Farhat

43 year-old Kefaya Hassan Farhat is a mother of five orphaned children. It is hard to be a widow and a single mother. But in Gaza, where there are many orphans and widows, and people are struggling to survive through an on going humanitarian crisis, it is even harder. After her husband passed away, Kefaya looked for work but wasn’t able to find any. Bearing the entire weight of her family’s responsibility is difficult. But Kefaya also has the added burden of her son’s, 9 year-old Mohammad Nasman and 7 year-old Mohammad Elian. Both are disabled and are in need of special care and attention. Earlier this winter, a member of our team on the ground in Gaza, found Kefaya’s family. Their house was terribly damaged and was letting in rainwater. The children had very little warm clothing, and were unprotected against the extreme colds. Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT) acted quickly to get Kefaya’s children onto our Orphan Sponsorship list. It wasn’t long before we had sponsors for every one of them.  “Last winter I was always yelling at the children to get off the floor,” said Kefaya, who was tearful with gratitude that Allah (swt) had sent them help. “I was worried the gathering rainwater might make them ill. I thought that this winter, my situation would be even worse.”  The regular support that Kefaya’s children receive, has changed the family’s life. Now they don’t have to every go to sleep hungry again, and everyone has warm clothes to wear. The children have started attending school and get medical support when they fall ill. Now their home offers them proper shelter, and isn’t so cold. There are thousands of Palestinian orphans like Kefaya’s children. They are the survivors of a conflict, which has been taking from them since their birth. Without the support of generous donors, many may not survive this winter. Please help us to help them. Sponsor an orphan today.

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