Muhammad Khalil Ouda Allah 60 has paid a lot for the Price of War invaded by Israel. This Poor fellow has no home, no shelter, sleeping on the streets of Palestine.

This is not only the life story of Muhammad Khalil Ouda but of millions 'down trodden' families of Muslims who are suffering from Isreali war since 1948, when Jewish Zionists forces attacked Palestine cities and villages throughout Palestine. During the assaulted an estimated 750,000 of Palestine’s indigenous inhabitants had fled in terror into Lebanon.

Muhammad Khalil Ouda Allah is one of millions who lost their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and relatives. The War has killed Muhammad Khalil’s whole family. He lost his four children and wife where four of them were married. All of them were killed in this unending war launched by the Isreal over Palestine and Gaza. Mr. Khalil is living alone in deep depression.

Mr. Khalil wept out while narrating his sad story of the family. He says, "I die a million times every day when I recall my children, my grandchildren, and my wife. I lost my home in West Jerusalem. The Isreali’s army has occupied my home and turned into an Army Camp".

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust while visiting Jerusalem, during last Holy month of Ramadan, met Muhammad Khalil Ouda Allah. Al Mustafa Trust had provided him food for Sahoor and Iftar during the whole month of Ramadan Kareem and as such it could be possible for this gentleman to keep fasting and perform his ibbadah comfortably. This could be possible because of our generous donors.


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