“I was fed up with living. God knows how long I struggled to survive on my own.” Khalid Khan is 90 years-old. After a lifetime of hardship, he would be spending his old age vulnerable in isolation. If it weren’t for you.

Khalid Khan was a factory worker. He had high ambitions for a low income earner: he and his wife wanted to give their only son the best education possible. Khalid worked extra hard, and the couple sacrificed from their own life quality to put their son through school. He worked until frailty and poor health forced him to retire. “After my son got married, he and his wife moved away to the Middle East,” says Khalid, who had lost his wife many years before. “They left me alone. There was no one to look after me in this old age.”

Khalid Khan now lives at the Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT) care home in Lahore. When he came here, his spirits were broken and his health was deteriorating rapidly. We provided Khalid with medical aid, care and comfort. He began to benefit from an routine and regular meals which were prepared for him. But his lifeline was the company. “I have been looked after very well, and also I have many friends my age, who have similar stories as mine.”

Old age is a stage of life that awaits us all. It should be a time of comfort and support, where the loved ones we cared for will care for us. But for many, this is not the case. In a country like Pakistan, where poverty is rife, the elderly who are alone suffer silently.

At AMWT, our Honour the Elderly programme, enables donors to sponsor the care of a vulnerable elderly person. As little as £7 a month enables us to provide healthcare, food and home maintenance to an older adult. While £14 a month will cover healthcare, food, shelter, pocket money and travel expenses. Your sponsorship helps elderly people stay connected to the world around them, after suffering the loss of all their loved ones or being abandoned by family. It allows us to tackle loneliness, neglect and social isolation in old age.

Please Honour the Elderly with us today.

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