Malavi and her siblings lost their father to Israeli airstrikes. Their mother was left to fend for her children by herself. Without a job, and with little one’s to care for, she struggled to provide for the family. Often she wasn’t even able to afford basic medicine when the children got sick. When Malavi was little she contracted a disease, which made her very ill. Without proper medical attention, it took a long while for her to recover. But the long drawn out illness had affected her vision. Afterwards she couldn’t see as well as she used to. As the years passed, Malavi’s eyesight grew worse. It reached a point where she no longer felt safe crossing the road by herself. Malavi’s mother was helpless until she heard about Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust’s (AMWT) free eye-care clinic in Gaza city. She lost no time in taking her daughter there. At AMWT’s eye clinic, Malavi was diagnosed and supplied with corrective glasses. Like Malavi, many children are held back by a want for the simplest of life’s essentials: Like the ability to see clearly. One small donation of £35 can change that for good. [carousel coin_nav="none" direction_nav="none" autoplay="standard"] [carousel_item] Malavi1blg [/carousel_item] [carousel_item] Malavi4blg [/carousel_item] [carousel_item] Malvi2jpg [/carousel_item] [carousel_item] Malvi3blg [/carousel_item] [/carousel] [button size="big" link="" type="wide" style="simple"]DONATE TOWARDS FREE EYE CARE[/button]

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