Allahditta was a worker at textile factory for many years. He and his wife scraped by to raise five children with what little they had.

They were happy to see their son and two elder daughters marry and set up their own homes. But by the time Allahditta retired at the age of 60, he still had two unmarried daughters that depended on him.

Today Allahditta continues to take on odd jobs as a day labourer. These are limited because not many people are willing to employ a 75-year-old. Still, Allahditta is grateful even for this. Three months ago, he couldn’t find any work at all because he could barely see.

Allahditta had a cataract in both eyes. But seeking medical aid meant consultation fees, the high cost of an eye operation and the medication that would follow, as well as the added expense of travelling to the nearest hospital or clinic. Allahditta couldn’t afford any of this. Had it not been for AMWT’s eye-care camp visiting his village in Jhung Punjab, he’d have had to suffer silently.

A day after his screening and diagnosis, Allahditta underwent cataract surgery in one eye. The operation was successful, and he was supplied with glasses as well as the medicated eye-drops he’d need through the recovery process.

Three months on, Allahditta can see clearly through one eye, and hopes he can have the operation again in the near future, for his other eye. More than anything, he’s grateful to be able to continue working.

A mere £35 can give one person like Allahditta independence through the ability to see. It can restore his/her confidence and dignity. It can enable him/her to be self-reliant and work for a living. It can save a family from destitution.

Please support our efforts. Give the gift of sight today.

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