Pervin Akhter lost her eyesight at age 36 following a untreated eye disease. Almost over night, the mother of two became incapacitated by impaired vision: unable to care for her children, run her household or even perform basic personal needs. Her husband, Ghulam Hussain, was forced to stay home some days to care for her and the children. But soon his regular absences cost him his job at the factory where he worked.

With no eye hospital in their hometown, Mian Chummu, Ghulam took his wife to Sahiwal. There, they were quoted15,000 Rupees (£155) for the operation that could restore Pervin’s eyesight. Even before Ghulam lost his job, 15,000 Rupees wasn’t money they could easily find. The family returned home with little hope that Pervin would ever see again. It was by a stroke of luck that Ghulam came across a poster at the Mian Chunnu market with information about the Al Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT) eye-care camp. The camp would be coming to their hometown in less than a week.

AMWT staff diagnosed Pervin Akhter with Glaucoma. At no cost to her family, she underwent surgery in one eye first and then the other. Both operations were successful. Today she’s able to see her daughters and husband again. Without your support of our work, this would not be possible.

At AMWT, we envision a world where no one suffers from blindness needlessly. Donate today, to end curable blindness and help restore hope to more families like Pervin’s.

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