When we need to go to the doctor or hospital we don’t think twice about it, the services are there for us. But for people who live in developing countries it’s not quite as simple.

This was the case for Deeq Farxaan Faarax Dhinbiil, who lives with his 7 year-old grandson Sadiiq, in Magadishu, Somalia. Last year, 68 year-old Deeq had advanced cataract in both eyes when he came to Al Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT). He was very nearly blind and had a great deal of pain.

“I had a painful burning and prickling in both my eyes,” says Deeq “and lots of tears, as if I had something in my eye all the time. It prevented me from carrying out my work.”

Barely able to see, Deeq was very much dependant on his grandson, Sadiiq. His blurred vision was especially worse in sunlight. Deeq visited a clinic, where he received a misdiagnosis and was sent home with a pair of spectacles. What he really needed, urgently, was a sight restoring cataract operation.

In June 2015, on a sweltering evening, a visitor to Deeq Farxaan’s home changed his life forever. The stranger brought him a flyer and an invitation to Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s (AMWT) free eye care camp.

“They told me I could have an operation to end the pain.” Deeq says, “I wasn’t worried about the operation. I was really pleased to have found a solution. I was so happy to hear I could have the operation right away, and in my home town.”

One year on, AMWT staff in Mogadishu visited Deeq to see how his life had changed since. “There is no pain to stop me from opening my eye properly to see...” he says. “I am very grateful. I did not know what the solution could be and then one came knocking on my door.”

“I was able to get back to yam farming last season, and when the rains stopped; I was also able to cut grass to be used for thatching of my rooms. I will encourage any member of my family or community with cataract to go and talk to the Al Mustafa Welfare Trust team, here. I am also pleased for my grandson, Sadiiq as he can go to school to continue his schooling now that I am not dependent on him...”

We still need your support to help more people like Deeq, who we have not yet reached. Please donate to End Curable Blindness with your Zakat.

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