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Donate Qurbani in Gaza and share the blessings of Qurbani with Palestinians. Dhul-Hijjah is a time for reflection, sacrifice, and sharing blessings. This year, help surviving families in Gaza and support them by donating Qurbani.

Gaza, a densely populated region beset by continuous violence, is afflicted by food insecurity and extreme poverty. Many families struggle to meet basic requirements because of the blockade and the ongoing war. The UN estimates that over 80% of Gaza's population lives below the poverty line and desperately need your humanitarian aid.

Giving Qurbani in Gaza can save many lives in such a desperate situation. It allows surviving families to eat healthy and nutritious meat during Eid al Adha. Your participation in Gaza Qurbani will assist them in lessening their food hardships and bringing them closer to ease.

Dhul-Hijjah is known for emphasizing sacrifice and charity. This holy month offers a chance to help people in need. Donate your Qurbani in Palestine with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, and we will distribute it to the Palestinians.

The rewards for giving during Dhul-Hijjah are immense, with acts of charity being particularly blessed. By donating Qurbani in Palestine, you fulfill a religious obligation and multiply your blessings by assisting those in desperate need during this holy month.

Why Choose Qurbani in Gaza This Dhul-Hijjah?

The need for food assistance in Gaza cannot be overstated. According to the World Food Programme, approximately 68% of households in Gaza are food insecure, and many families rely on humanitarian aid for daily sustenance. The situation worsens during periods of conflict, exacerbating the challenges these communities face.

A resident of Gaza once shared, "During Dhul-Hijjah, we see families struggling even more to celebrate Eid. The tradition of sharing meat becomes a distant dream for many, as they can't afford it. Your Qurbani donation can bring smiles and hope to these families, allowing them to partake in the festivities like everyone else."

By donating Qurbani in Gaza, you provide nutritious meat to families who may not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy it. This act of kindness allows them to have a good time on Eid with dignity and ensures that they acquire an essential source of protein.

Your donation restores an experience of normalcy and pleasure to their lives, even though only for a moment

Donate Qurbani in Gaza Here.

How We Deliver Your Gaza Qurbani Donation

Ensuring the proper and honest distribution of Qurbani donations in Gaza requires a transparent and efficient process: Al Mustafa Welfare Trust adheres to strict Islamic guidelines for Qurbani and works diligently to reach the ones in need.

The Transparent Distribution Process

Adherence to Islamic Guidelines: The chosen charity ensures that all Qurbani sacrifices meet Islamic requirements, maintaining the sanctity and purpose of the tradition.

Fair Distribution: Special attention is given to underprivileged families, widows, orphans, and refugees. Given the widespread deprivation in Gaza, every effort is made to reach as many needy individuals as possible and ensure that the useful resource is distributed equitably.

Methods of Gaza Qurbani Delivery

Southern Gaza: In this region, animals are slaughtered in Al Arish, Egypt, by trusted partners such as the Egyptian Red Crescent. The meat is then transported to southern Gaza and distributed directly to needy families. This method ensures that the meat remains fresh and reaches its intended recipients promptly.

Northern Gaza: Due to airspace restrictions, delivering Qurbani meat to northern Gaza can be challenging. When possible, raw meat is airdropped to reach remote areas. If an airdrop is not feasible, cooked meals are prepared in kitchens at Al Arish and delivered to families in northern Gaza. This approach ensures that even those in the most inaccessible regions receive the necessary aid.

Donate Qurbani in Gaza This Dhul-Hijjah

As you reflect on the importance of Dhul-Hijjah and the tradition of Qurbani, consider your donation's profound impact on the lives of households in Gaza. By choosing to donate Qurbani in Palestine, you will provide not only nutritious meals but also hope and dignity to those who need it most.

Qurbani Options and Pricing in Gaza

While Qurbani donations in Gaza may be more challenging this year, the need for nutritious meals has never been greater. Your Qurbani can provide nutritious meals and amplify your blessings this year.

The price of a sheep is £329. Additionally, there are options for donating larger animals, such as cow shares starting at £286, and a whole cow with the cost of £2000

Your contribution during Dhul-Hijjah fulfills a religious duty and lends a helping hand to Gaza's resilient people.

Your Qurbani has the power to transform lives, bringing joy and relief to families in one of the world's most challenging environments. This Dhul-Hijjah, may your sacrifice serve as a beacon of hope for those in need.

Donate Qurbani in Palestine with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust today and join a massive wave of compassion and support.

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