Shahd Ali became an orphan at age 7, when the 2008 conflict took the lives of her father and siblings.

Only Shahd, her 3-year old brother Mohammad, and their mother were left behind. The airstrikes also destroyed their home, so the three had to fend for themselves without shelter or access to basic necessities.

In December that year, AMWT’s team on the ground in Gaza found Shahd and her family on the streets. The three were huddled together for warmth, trying to sleep in the open air. “My son’s skin was like ice,” Shahd’s mother says, when she recalls the day. “We had lost everything in the war.” She feared that her remaining children would not have survived that winter.

AMWT provided Shahd and her family with shelter, warm clothing and bedding as well as medical treatment. We also supplied them with regular food packs and signed the children up for AMWT’s Orphan Sponsorship Programme. When this came through, Shahd and her brother started to attend school.

Shahd Ali is in one of thousands Palestinian orphans. The survivors of a conflict, which has been taking from them since their birth. There are thousands of more children like Shahd who won’t survive this winter without your help. Children who have lost their parents and homes to the Crisis in Syria, or the recent earthquake in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This December, please save an orphan child from the harsh winter colds ahead. Please sponsor an orphan with AMWT today.

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