It’s not always easy to protect children from society’s ill influences. In the developing world, it might be harder still, where poverty and a lack of opportunities can leave adolescents in a vacuum of despair.

Without positive guidance and an Islamic education, many children can easily fall into bad company. They can end up in gangs, and get involved with petty crime, which only escalates as they get older. This is what happened to Muhammad Saqib’s sons. Before he died, he wanted to give his daughters a better life full of goodness.

Father of seven, Muhammad Saqib was a primary school teacher in his village near Multan. He dedicated much of his life to educating children, and wanted his own kids to grow up with an education too. Unfortunately, his four sons started keeping bad company. It wasn't long before they got drawn into gang culture and stopped coming home. Muhammad Saqib and his wife wanted to protect their daughters from similar influences. The best way would be to send them to an Islamic school. But before they could figure out how they’d afford the fees, Muhammad Saqib passed away.

Without a primary breadwinner, the family fell on hard times. Ms. Saqib eked out a living to feed her daughters. She abandoned completely her late husband's dream of sending their girls to school. Until she heard of Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust’s (AMWT) Hafiz Sponsorship Programme, she had no hope of a life outside of poverty for them. It was through the grace of Allah (swt) that Ms. Saqib was able enrol Bushra, her eldest, on the programme. It was through the kindness of a UK donor that her daughter’s sponsorship quickly came through.

Bushra Bibi is 12 years old this year and already memorizing the fifth chapter of the Holy Qur’an. She lives at a local Madrassa for Orphans in Multan, where her room and board is paid for. Bushra’s dream is to become a Qur’an teacher herself one day. She hopes to start a madrassa in her own village, where children like her can receive a Qur’anic education in an Islamic environment. Bushra’s mother is happy that her daughter is safe at school, protected from the bad influences in their community.

For just £15 a month we can provide a child with the opportunity to study the Holy Qur’an at one of AMWT’s Hafiz schools. This also covers the cost of accommodation, food, medical care and basic necessities. AMWT's Hafiz Sponsorship Programme provides the promise of a brighter future, and a more secure present for children in need. Please sponsor a Hafiz today.

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