Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely populated countries with 150 million people, 36% of whom live below the national poverty line of US $2 per day. In addition, child malnutrition rates are currently at 48%, in condition that is tied to the low social status of women in Bangladeshi society. While Bangladesh suffers from manifold problems such as poor infrastructure, political instability, corruption, and insufficient power supplies, the country's economy has grown 5-6% per year since 1996. However, Bangladesh still remains a poor, overpopulated, and inefficiently-governed nation with about 45% of the Bangladesh is being employed in the agriculture sector. Most of the population are living in the coastal areas due to agriculture fertility lands. They are mostly agriculturists but at the same time, they suffer from frequent flood and storms, cyclone and many other calamities. Muhammad Riazuddin is a cultivator. He has eight children with wife Rozina Begum. The family was enjoying their life calmly. But misfortune comes quietly. Recent flood and cyclone washed away his home and agriculture paddies in Nowakhali. The family suddenly turned into destitute. He had no shelter, no food, and no hope. Wife and 8 children were helpless finding no way out. At this critical moment Al Mustafa Trust approached them to help them out. Al Mustafa Trust provided them not only food but also necessities of life. This could only be possible with the generous donations of our sponsors. In Feed a Family Program, Al Mustafa Trust provides food to the needy in Bangladesh during the Holy month of Ramadan Kareem every year. Al Mustafa Trust believes that those needy ones who are wholly wrapped up in the cause of Allah, and who are hindered from moving about the earth in search of their livelihood especially deserve help. He who is unaware of their circumstances supposes them to be wealthy because of their dignified bearing, but you will know them by their countenance, although they do not go about begging of people with importunity.

“And whatever wealth you will spend on helping them, Allah will know of it.” (2:273).




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