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90% of the world’s visually impaired live in developing countries. 80% of blindness in the developing world can be prevented or cured.

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Our Mission Saving Sight, changing lives and Building a Brighter, Safer Future.

In poor communities, blind people are considered a burden. They become socially isolated and excluded from mainstream community activities. They are dependent on their family members to move around and go out for household needs. At AMWT, we work with partner organisations to ensure that people living with blindness are identified. We provide them with aid and rehabilitation, in an effort to facilitate their involvement in society.

Our Eye Restoration Campaign target for 2020 is to perform 100,000 cataract surgeries in 8 countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Somalia, Gambia, Kenya, Sudan and Palestine.

In cases of avoidable blindness, the most common causes we see are cataract, glaucoma, uncorrected refractive errors and age related macular degeneration. In our efforts to alleviate preventable or semi-blindness among the poor, we have restored eye-sight to over 88k people across the world. Cataract surgery only takes a short time, but it can make a huge difference to so many lives. Help support our Global Vision Aid 100K Campaign.


Cataract Surgeries


OPD Screenings


Hepatitis Screening


Eye Glasses Distribution

Cataract Charity Appeal

1 Cataract Surgery (Each)


3 Cataract Surgery (Each)


10 Cataract Surgery (Each)


Eye-screening (Medium school)


Full Eye Camp (Min. 28 Surgeries)


Slit Lamp for Eye examinations

Sponsor a Hafiz

Sponsor Hafiz for 1 Year


Complete Hafiz-ul-Quran

One Mosque One Palace

Will purchase a Complete Carpet


Will purchase Fans, Lights, Masalla and a Water Cooler


Small Mosque Serving 120 People


Medium Mosque Serving 300 People


Large Mosque Serving 600 People


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