Fidya and Kaffarah

Fidya and Kaffara is the compensation Muslims pay for not keeping fast in the month of Ramadan. 

Single Payment

There are certain forms of compensation that Muslims are liable to pay for not fasting - due to various reasons - during the month of Ramadan. However, these penalties fall into two very different categories called fidya and kaffara. 


Fidya is owed when a Muslim cannot keep a fast due to unavoidable factors such as illness, pregnancy and age. This counts as a valid reason for not being able to fast. Fidya comprises of a donation to feed someone in need for each day of fasting missed. Should a fast be missed due to illness or travel where you are able to make up for it after the month of Ramadan then this should be repaid.

The daily rate for fidya is currently £6, totalling £180 for the month of Ramadan.


Kaffara becomes due when an able Muslim intentionally misses or breaks their fast without any valid reason. Kaffara involves paying to feed 60 people in need or repaying 60 fasts as a forfeit for each fast missed. 

The daily rate for kaffara is £360 for each fast missed.


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