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Make this an Eid to remember with a gift that lasts

This year, make your sacrifice and support a family in need with more than your Qurbani. For those living in poverty, Eid will come and go as any other day. It should not be this way, and you can give a gift to make this an Eid to remember.

With a small donation, you could give an Eid gift to an orphan; plant olive trees in Palestine to support Palestinian farmers, provide food to a family who would otherwise go hungry, or even provide clean and safe water for years to come.

Give gifts of love, hope, nourishment, livelihood, hope and life.

£45 can provide an orphan child with an Eid gift

Spread smiles this Eid and help ensure everyone feels the warmth, joy and celebrations of this beautiful time.

£50 can give a Gift of Livelihood and Hope in Palestine

Plant an olive tree, and support Palestinian farmers in earning an income and supporting their families.

£55 gives a Gift of Nourishment

A food parcel is more than a collection of food items for the kitchen. It is a gift of nourishment, providing family members with strength, courage, confidence and concentration.

£200 will provide a Gift of Life

When we provide water, we provide life. With every single drop of water, we ensure people are not drinking dirty water and falling ill. Clean water in people’s homes mean women and children are safe and do not need to walk for hours. Children can go to school, men and women can work and everyone will prosper.

Dont forget your qurbani

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