Here at Al Mustafa Welfare Trust we have a 100% donation policy, something which is quite challenging and something that is not possible unless we have the support of our donors.

Below is a list of the following ways through which we maintain our 100% donation policy:

Corporate donors

Whichever way you’re helping, we appreciate it. As a global non for-profit organisation we cannot go that extra mile without your donations. There are those of you who go above and beyond the unexpected to help us reach the unreachable, literally. As a charity we can get to a limited number of places but insha’allah with your extra efforts we can go anywhere on this earth of ours.

With your extra dedication we’ve managed to achieve goals for over 30 years and tick off tasks that could have taken us a while to develop. On our behalf, we will always be effective and competent (insha’allah) as well as being 100% accurate when it comes to giving out your zakat and Sadaqah. You will see the differences you’ve made in the lives of orphans and in the building of mosques, water wells, and orphanages.

Clothing bank

We find a home for your donated clothes. We have managed to send clothes to thousands of flood victims and their families in the recent years. As much or as little of clothing items you send, we clean them, sort them and send them to various developing countries. We also offer you an option of recycling your clothes. Today you can have two deeds from one action as you look after the environment and make someone’s day.

Gift aid donations

Are you a UK resident taxpayer? If so, with gift aid your donations are eligible for an additional cost of 25 pence from the government for each £1 you give. It’s a simple way to increase the value of your donation, and to be eligible, you must be a tax paying donor. It’s both a rewarding and affective way to give, increasing your deeds and the money for the crisis.

Voluntary admin fee contribution

With your regular or one-time donations, you have the option of paying an extra £1 admin fee. With this small fee, you help make our work easier as it goes towards the administration costs. We are grateful for every penny that goes towards the process of sending out the aid, this gives us the chance to process it quicker. In the name of Allah, we shall obtain an even greater achievement, but we can only do it together.


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