Where we Work

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® delivers humanitarian projects across the third world. Click on the countries we have worked in on the map below to find out more information.

We have worked in the following countries:

  • Pakistan


  • Palestine


  • Somalia


  • Bangladesh


  • Kashmir


  • Nepal


  • Kenya


  • Gambia


  • Burma


Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® works predominantly in Pakistan where provide a wide range of charity services with the biggest sector being healthcare followed by water, education, food aid and disaster relief. We have also delivered substantial aid in the poorest countries in Africa as well as other South Asian countries including Sri Lanka, Kashmir and Bangladesh. We have also provided food aid in Gaza.

With global poverty on the rise we want to increase our activities to provide long term and sustainable solutions to help eradicate poverty with the support of our donors. We exist only to #servehumanity.

Our Global Footprint

Click the top left menu icon to reveal the countries we have worked in. Once you have clicked a particular country a pop will appeal with a link to our flick collection photo library for the various projects we deliver. We will be updating this map with links to photo collections for Kenya, Kashmir and Gambia once the photos have been uploaded.