Become a Volunteer and help make a huge difference and help alleviate social injustice and global poverty. You can help us during global disasters/conflicts, events or road shows, support our live appeals, recycle clothes, write blog articles or do some social campaigning to help us increase likes and social followers! #govolunteering


Volunteering is a great way to dedicating your time in a worthy cause and providing you with social experience and a chance to use your skills to make a tangible contribution to fighting poverty. You will meet new people by becoming part of a committed group of supporters. It can also be a good way to improve your career prospects – not to mention the “feel good” factor.

If you are interested in fundraising for Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust either as an individual or as part of a fundraising group or branch – we can help you get started.

Volunteering is a great way to dedicating your time in a worthy cause.

We are also always looking for volunteers to come overseas and help out on our many projects such as water and sanitation, medical camp & eye camps, housing rehabilitation and many other projects. You could be assigned in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir or in the African Continent depending on requirements. If you are a student on a gap year or have recently graduated and want to take some time out then this is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved.

Some of the ways you can Volunteer

  • Disaster Relief

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Disaster Relief Volunteering
    During Global Disasters and Conflicts we need to act fast and deliver vital emergency aid to people as well as save lives. As an International Charity we operate in various third world countries and with the tremendous support of our Volunteers we are able to help thousands.

    When disaster does strike and if the scale is overwhelming then we will request support for additional volunteers. You can signup with AMWT® and become an Emergency Support Volunteer in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia, Gambia or Sudan.

  • Events & Roadshows

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Events & Road Shows Volunteering
    AMWT® runs various events and road shows from GPU, fundraising dinners to Gift of Vision Country Tours. This is an ideal opportunity for young and vibrant individuals who are at school/university or make a positive contribution and gain social skills and at the same time use this valuable time to earn rewards for helping people less fortunate in the world. You can help volunteer and collect donations using our charity boxes, distribute our campaign material and help spread the word about what we do.

  • Live Appeals

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® TV Appeals Volunteering
    Every year we run major TV/Radio Appeals during Ramadan and Qurbani to raise funds for the most critical projects and disasters/relief efforts. This is the most busiest period of fundraising throughout the year and this is when we require the assistance of Volunteers to help behind the scenes from manning the telephone donations, processing mail standing order forms to collecting donations on the ground.

  • Blogging/Social Articles

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Blogging/Social Articles Contributor
    Keeping donors and the global community up-to-date with our projects and achievements is vital as donors want to see where their donations are going. We provide donors with case studies that are supported by images, videos and articles relating to how we spend the money we receive and these are written on our blog. We want to increase the amount of articles we publish on our blog and if you have a command of good English and able to research then we would love to take on volunteer bloggers who can not only promote our work but also highlight various global issues from poverty, health to global/natural disasters and conflicts and how donations are vital to help support people who are less fortunate.

  • Clothes Recycling

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Clothes Recycling
    Clothes Recycling helps us provide the poor with clothing and footwear as well as enable us to sell these to generate revenue to support many of our on-going projects/appeals and with our Clothing Banks scattered across the UK you can help volunteer and collect unwanted clothing and footwear. In many third world countries poor people simply cannot afford food never mind clothing/footwear and during winter many thousands die from hypothermia as they are poorly clothed. You can start by asking your friends and/or relatives if they have any unwanted items and collect them whenever you have free time. Once you have collected a sufficient amount you can drop them into our clothing banks.

  • Social Campaigning

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Social Campaigning
    We are living in the most technologically advanced period in our history and each and everyone of us have the ability to push a few buttons and help make a huge difference. You can volunteer as a social campaigner by promoting our social platforms such as facebook, google+, instagram, twitter and youtube. All you need to do is help us generate more Likes/Followers by promoting our most prominent campaign posts. By doing a few minutes of promotion can not only help us generate more donations but your effort could save so many lives. All you need to do us follow us using our social links and then passing these to your friends/relatives or a regular basis.

Are you ready to Volunteer?

If you want to contribute to our projects then contact us for more information contact us via email at: info@almustafatrust.org and we will assist you further.