Take the plunge for Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® and help raise money for good causes #taketheplunge

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Skyline Charity Jump

Take a deep breath and take the plunge for our new Respiratory Unit here at Al Mustafa Welfare Trust®

Experience the rush of a skydive as you freefall 12,000ft at 120mph, followed by the peaceful sensation of floating with the wind as you parachute down to earth.

Skydiving what you need to know

Our charity skydive scheme is operated by the Skyline who will co-ordinate your jump wherever you live in the UK.
As part of our skydive team you will receive a email welcome pack and if you would like a t-shirt please let us know your size. Also, please send us your photos and videos so we can add them to our website!

Where your donations go

There are millions of people who cannot participate in day to day activities and cannot earn their livelihood due to poor eye sight or temporary blindness. Your donations can help blind and partially sighted people experience the world with their own eyes. With your support these people can educate themselves and earn their livelihoods.

Therefore, our outreach eye clinics ensure on the doorstep eye care. We provide free eyeglasses for refractive errors and free cataract operations. Our mobile eye clinics are fully equipped where all types of facilities are provided such as transport, accommodation and food for overnight stays.

How to raise funds

Once you have decided how you want to raise money one of the easiest ways to collect money is by setting up a Just Giving page. That is really simple step by step instructions on the website to follow. Once you have set up your online page than you need to start telling your friends and family what you are doing. Email them, post it on twitter and Facebook, and tell them in person!

Also e mail on for full guide and support.

For one off payment and all other information please call us on 0208 5696 444.

We ask our fundraisers to pledge to raise a minimum of £395. £140 of this will come directly to the charity and go towards Eye Camp Project. £255 will be the cost of your jump, payable to Skyline on the day of your jump.

Any funds you raise over the £395 will go directly towards Eye Camp Projects.


Are there any restrictions on who can skydive?

The minimum age is 16 and jumpers must weigh less than 15 stone (95.2kg).

There is no upper age limit. However, anyone over 40 will need to have a ‘Declaration of Fitness’ form signed or stamped by their GP.

There are also some restrictions in relation to medical conditions. Full details are given on the ‘Declaration of Fitness’ form that you will receive with your sponsor forms. But generally, if you have a medical condition like diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease or severe asthma, you will need to get your declaration signed by your GP whatever your age.

All under 18s must have their forms signed by a parent or guardian.

How to create a Just Giving page

Step 1

Go to and select Fundraise for us

Step 2

Enter your email address or sign in with your Facebook account

Step 3

If you are new to Just Giving click on Sign Up

Step 4

Enter your email address your name and surname and select strong password than click on it

Step 5

Select Organised Event

Step 6

Type in the name of the event you are raising money for and hit select

That’s it !!!

If you need any help for how to create Just Giving page call us on 0208 569 6444 we will guide you step by step on line.