Recycle Your Clothes

Go Green and Recycle your clothes and help someone less fortunate get a chance to wear shoes and clothing #recycleyourclothes.

Another way you can get involved is to donate your old clothes for recycling.

  • The clothes you donate to Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust® are brought back to our sorting depot in Nottingham, where bags are opened and all items individually sorted. We send the good quality items to various developing countries such as Gambia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Kashmir. This is especially the case during natural disasters such as tsunamis, floods and earthquakes, where we send the most suitable items of clothings and footwear to the affected areas.

    During the Pakistan 2005 Earthquake/Tsunami and Haiti Earthquake, Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust® sent massive containers full of shoes, blankets and clothes for the disaster victims. And recently we have sent clothes for 10,000 families to the flood victims of Pakistan.

    Our Clothes Recycling Scheme campaign hashtag on facebook, google+, instagram, flickr and twitter is: #recycleyourclothes

  • Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust® Recycle your Clothes

Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust® are committed to ensuring that all clothing/shoe items are recycled, so those items that are not sent oveseas are sold our charity shop so that we can raise vital funds for our ongoing development projects in the third world. As part of the UK Government initiative to recycle more, we would encourage all our donors to remind your family and friends to donate their unwanted clothes and footwear to Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust® so that not only does the environment benefit from avoidance of landfills, but your clothing/footwear will help keep someone in the third world warm and covered.

Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust® UK Clothing Bank Map

Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust® Disaster & Emergency Relief

We have over 35 clothing banks scattered across major towns and cities in the UK, so it is easier for you to donate your clothes/footwear. When you do wish to donate your clothes/footwear, please make sure to put your bag(s) in the bank and not to leave them outside, as they not only become a tripping hazard, but often bags are ripped and items stolen by trespassers, leaving a mess all over mosque car parks. If you live in an area where there are no AMWT clothing banks, you can still help by arranging a collection of 10+ bags (the more the better) and then call us to arrange for collection.

Please help us find new places for our Clothing Banks

We are always on the lookout for new sites for our clothing banks. If you know of a mosque, community centre, school or a supermarket that would give us permission to place a textile bank on their premises please contact us immediately so we can to raise more money for our development projects as well as keeping the poor and vulnerable warm and suitably clothed.