Our Health Projects

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® is the leading Muslim charity that delivers free health care to the poor and vulnerable in developing countries. Click on the projects below to find out more information.

  • GVA 100K

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Global Vision Aid 100k

    Our Global Vision Aid Campaign target for 2015-2016 is to perform 100,000 cataract surgeries in 8 countries which include: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Somalia, Gambia, Kenya, Sudan and Palestine.


    Eye Restoration Programme
  • Cleft Surgery

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Cleft Lip Surgery

    Every year more than 170,000 children are born with clefts. Cleft lips and palates occur in approximately 1 per 500-700 births. For only £200 you can change a childs life for ever.


    Cleft Surgery
  • Limb Restoration

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Limb Restoration

    According to a report on Disability and Rehabilitation Medicine, disability is a stigma in Pakistan, and cultural norms are a hindrance to the integration of the disabled into the community. Reports indicate that 4 to 6% of the Pakistan population has a disability.


    Limb Restoration
  • Kidney Dialysis Treatment

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® - Kidney Dialysis Treatment

    For the unfortunate people who have developed End-Stage Kidney Failure, Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust® is providing free dialysis to people who cannot afford dialysis, no matter what cast, creed and religion. At Gulshan-e-Iqbal, we are providing Free Dialysis facilities.


    Kidney Dialysis
  • Free Ambulance Service

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® - Free Ambulance Service

    A fleet of free ambulances are parked at the head office of Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust® Medical Centre, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, in readiness to deal with any 24 hour emergency cases in the surrounding areas of Karachi that are readily available to attend medical emergencies.


    Free Ambulance Service
  • Medical & Eye Camps

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® - Medical & Mobile Eye Camps

    Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust® has organised medical and mobile eye camps in five different countries including Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Gambia and Nigeria. We arrange our camps in rural towns and villages where there is no access to doctors/health care.


    Medical & Eye Camps
  • Blood Donation Camps

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® - Blood Donation Camps

    Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust® organizes blood camps every month in different cities of Pakistan with more than 38,000 thousand donors around the country. We make special efforts to encourage young people to donate blood and how their blood can save lives.


    Blood Donation Camps
  • Dental Services

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® - Dental Services

    Millions of poor people in Pakistan have no access to free dental care and those that rely on roadside dentists are risking themselves from hepatitis and other serious infections. AMWT® Free Dental programme treats patients with dental related issues.


    Dental Services
  • Free Maternity Service

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® - Free Maternity Service

    Many of Pakistan’s poorest people live in remote rural areas, far from a basic healthcare centre. Some women die because they do not have the proper facilities; others die because they cannot find transportation.


    Free Maternity Service
  • Free Health Training

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® - Free Health Training Programme

    AMWT® has created 20 medical training camps and training programmes in rural dispensaries and rural health centres with the collaboration of local communities and local health authorities.


    Free Health Training