Message from the Chairman

Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust®

Abdul Razzaq Sajid


Dear Supporters Assalamu Alaikum,

Welcome to the our new website. Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust® has been blessed for the past three decades in being able to serve millions of people around the world. We are pleased to announce another successful year, with continued and rapid growth in our activities to support vulnerable individuals and communities in need.

Your generous donations last year, enabled us to reach thousands of people who would have otherwise suffered in silence. In particular our special Food, Water, Qurbani and Shelter projects in Somalia, Burma and Pakistan have played a significant role in bringing relief to those affected by war and natural disasters.

We have delivered many wonderful health projects through our free mobile health clinics and network of hospitals in Pakistan. Our “Helping them See Again” campaign has successfully restored the eye sight of many people in rural parts of the developing world, many of whom were suffering from temporary blindness. Through this programme many lives have been completely transformed with simple cataract surgery. We wholeheartedly believe that economic independence and the empowerment of women is the way forward to help bring prosperity in third world countries. We have continued our support to hundreds of orphaned girls in Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Gaza and Iraq.

Our series of fundraising events across the county this year, were well attended and received. We would like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters, donors, well-wishers, our partners and volunteers for their commitment, dedication and hard work throughout this time. As always, I would like to request your generous and continued support, because your donations are vital in enabling us to take hope to the less fortunate around the world. I look forward to your participation, in helping us to achieve our targets in 2015-16.


Abdul Razzaq Sajid
Chairman of Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust®