Hafiz Sponsorship

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    £15 covers all school fees (including room and board) for the first month of a child’s Hifz education.

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    £180 covers all school fees (including room and board) for the first year of  a child’s Hifz education.

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    £540.00 is the cost of full sponsorship, which pays for a child to complete his/her Hifz education in 3 years.


Hafiz Sponsorship

Hafiz Sponsorship

From: £1.00





Hafiz Sponsorship Monthly Donation

Hafiz Sponsorship Monthly Donation

From: £15.00





    • Hafiz Sponsorship in Muzaffarabad: Nadeem

      Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s (AMWT) Hafiz sponsorship program supports many children in fulfilling their ambitions to memorize the Holy Quran. Without this sponsorship scheme, 14 year old Nadeem would have had to give up his dream of going to school, and start working in a brick factory instead. Nadeem is one of six children and […]

    • Hafiz Sponsorship in Pakistan: Muhammad Usman

      In Pakistan, more than five million children are not in school and literacy levels are the third worst in the world. Muhammad Usman Jamil, the son of a factory driver, did not want to be one of those children. Usman was desperate to continue his studies after completing primary school, but there were no secondary […]


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    Education is the most effective way for the poor to break out of the poverty cycle. An education of the Qur’an is vital to the faith of every Muslim. Yet in the developing world, thousands of underprivileged children and orphans are deprived of any form of education. What’s more, many of them are forced to start working at a very young age, in order to  earn their keep or help provide for their family.

    At Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT) our Hafiz Sponsorship programme empowers children from poor and broken families with a Qur’anic education. We give them the means to read and understand the Holy Book, along side a basic secular education. At our Hafiz schools we provide food and accommodation, healthcare and basic necessities through donor sponsorship. To date, we’ve seen hundreds of children, girls and boys, pursue further education after completing their Hifz studies.

    AMWT’s Hafiz Sponsorship program is one-to-one scheme where a sole donor takes on the financial cost of one child’s Qur’anic education. It normally takes a child 2-3 years to memorise the entire Holy Qur’an and complete his/her studies. Throughout the sponsorship, donors are updated with regular feedback on their sponsored child’s progress.

    The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said:

    The best among you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others. (Bukhari)


    For many people in the developing world, faith is an essential part of life. It holds communities together, breeds strength of spirit and is conducive of personal development.

    Empowering an orphan or underprivileged child with a Qur’anic education is Sadaqah Jariya -a form of ongoing charity which will benefit the donor as long as it continues to benefit others. At AMWT, we’re tackling poverty through education. But this is only possible through your Sadaqah Jariya. Will you support us?

    For just £15 a month we can provide a child with the opportunity to study the Holy Qur’an at one of AMWT’s Hafiz schools. The Hifz courses give students the opportunity to master Islamic scripture through memorisation and exegetic understanding. Children who show potential go onto pursue further education through sponsorship.

    For a one-off donation of £180, we can provide a year’s worth of schooling. While £540 will provide one child with the peace of mind that he/she will be able to attend Hafiz school for three years, and complete his/her studies. All three donation options also cover the cost of accommodation, food, medical care and basic necessities. Your sponsorship won’t just provide the promise of a brighter future, but also a more secure present for one child in need.

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