Disaster & Emergency Relief

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Emergency Team are ready, willing and able to be despatched when disaster strikes in Pakistan #weareready

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Disaster & Emergency Relief

Global disasters will never cease to stop and when they strike we have to act quick and send emergency aid in the form of food, shelter and medical aid for the victims. Even after the disaster has surpassed, thousands of homeless and injured still need long term support.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® is always ready to respond to any Emergency in third world countries. Our dedicated team of emergency responders have been despatched to a number of global disasters including the Kashmir Earthquake in 2005, Cyclone Aila in Bangladesh, Floods in Pakistan, Swat Emergency, Sindh Drought, Sudan Famine and Balochistan Earthquake. AMWT® has accommodated 3,000 flood affected people in Bangladesh, 90,000 people from the Kashmir Earthquake, 200,000 people affected by the Pakistan floods 2010. AMWT® Medical Camps served almost 260,000 patients during emergencies around the globe. In any emergency or disaster situation, AMWT® ensure the provision of free food, shelter, access to medical facilities, education, safe drinking water and safety.