Emergency Medical Care

Our emergency response team have handled numerous global disasters and are therefore well trained and experienced in handling patients from dispensing life-saving medication to surgical procedures for critically ill patients. AMWT® will be ready to deliver emergency medical care as soon as the next global disaster strikes!

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Emergency Medical Care

AMWT® has provided emergency medical care to 260,000+ patients during global disasters around the globe.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® is ready to dispense emergency medical relief to victims of global disasters. Our dedicated team have been dispatched to a number of global disasters including the Kashmir Earthquake in 2005, Cyclone Aila in Bangladesh, Floods in Pakistan, Swat Emergency and Baluchistan Earthquake. AMWT® has provided emergency medical care to thousands of victims in these disasters as well setting up make-shift medical camps so that people can access free medical facilities.

In any emergency or disaster situation, AMWT® must ensure that sufficient medical supplies are stockpiled in readiness for the next hurricane, earthquake, floods or deadly disease outbreak that could strike at any time. It is imperative that we have the latest and wide-ranging medical supplies that can be delivered by a dedicated emergency response team.

When global disasters unfold, local health care providers struggle to cope with a surge in demand as survivors seek urgent medical care. AMWT® has developed an emergency contingency plan in readiness for any major calamity that unfolds by keeping a constant supply of medical supplies that are most common in disasters as well as a distribution mechanism through our medical field camps that are designed to handle a large influx of patients.