Emergency Appeal

  • ea-fd-pack
    For £100 you can provide 1 family food pack which includes: rice, flour, sugar, tea, cooking oil, lentils supply and clean water for a month.

  • ea-su-pack

    For £300 you can provide ready meal, sleeping bag, water, hygiene essential, baby chest carrier & a small tent.

  • ea-med-pack

    For £1000 you can contribute towards the costs of providing emergency medical campy that can treat up to 200 people.


Emergency Appeal

Emergency Appeal

From: £1.00






Syria War Facts: As of now Syria is a battleground of the entire world, with troops from almost 34 nations battling an unpredictable web of wars.
Syria is running out of all facilities; no medical, food and even clothes to survive due to Syria war crisis. Syrian refugees are using what they have, what they carried with them to the area they ended up in, but everything is about to run out as per the latest Syria news. People are in dire need for food, shelter and medical care, hygiene kits to survive. We cannot stop conflicts but we can help the people survive.
Al- Mustafa trust is currently working in areas where displaced Syrians escaped the conflict. With your contribution we can support the thousands of Syrian refugees including children. Please donate to Syria crisis. Donate Clothes, food, water and shelter to Syrian refugees through Al-Mustafa. Millions of victims in Aleppo Syria are waiting for your support.


Gaza Humanitarian crisis are getting worse day by day. They need our help to survive and keep the Gaza hospitals running. Send Vital Aid Today
1000 of Palestinians are still homeless and in desperate need for our help. Support Al- Mustafa Trust to fight against Gaza humanitarian crisis. Gaza, Palestine which was damaged during the bombardment 2014 is still suffering from many hardships daily. Al- Mustafa trust aims to the install shelter camps, provide food and dramatically improve the much-needed maternity and neonatal services in Gaza by providing new medical equipment to several hospitals for Gaza refugees. With your support help Al-Mustafa trust to rebuild Gaza.


Burma is the poorest country in South Asia. In the most recent two years, the circumstance has turned out to be much more awful for Burma refugees. The Buddhist supremacists have been committing rape, illegal conflagration, murder and land reallocation on a monstrous scale. Around 700,000 Burma Muslims are without any food, shelter and medical care.
Help Al-Mustafa provide food & shelter to Burma Muslim refugees.


The Rohingya are the Worlds’ Most Persecuted Minority. These stateless Muslim individuals may constitute up to 7% of the aggregate Burmese populace of almost 60 million, however their numbers are not precisely known on the grounds because the government has declined to incorporate them on the national census. The Rohingyas are a people struck by disaster, mistreated at home in Myanmar, rejected or barely endured abroad.
Help Al-Mustafa provide humanitarian aid to the refugees of Rohingya. Support us now.