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  • Bushra Bibi is Studying to be a Hafiz

    It’s not always easy to protect children from society’s ill influences. In the developing world, it might be harder still, where poverty and a lack of opportunities can leave adolescents in a vacuum of despair. Without positive guidance and an Islamic education, many children can easily fall into bad company. They can end up in […]

  • How £35 can Change a Life

    Earlier this year, Ms Tahrina Chowdhury from the UK, made a one off donation to Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust’s (AMWT) eye-care campaign. The small sum of £35 was less than what she’d spend on lunch in a week. But for Aleya Begum, in Dhaka Bangladesh, it meant the difference between blindness and the ability to see. […]

  • May Allah also aid you in your time of need

    Mohammad Sultan spent much of his life in the service of others. Before he had to retire, he used to work as a security guard at a local hospital in Samahni, Kashmir. When his poor health made it impossible for him to do his job, he lost it. But he couldn’t sit idle. Mohammad Sultan […]

  • Giving Girl’s a Chance to Learn

    Hailing from a poor family, and in a society where educating boys is preferred over girls, Shahista Habib is a 13 year-old girl who is studying to be a Hafiza. “I am blessed that I got the opportunity to do Hifz.” Shahista says “May Allah (SWT) grant many blessings to Al Mustafa’s team and to […]

  • Saving Abu Talib’s eyesight

    Life-altering accidents don’t come with a warning sign. When they happen, we can only mend our damages and carry on. Of course it helps to have a support system, as well as access to good medical attention. But for many in the developing world, this is a luxury. It was past 9 pm on the night […]

  • Take the AMWT ‘Which Famous Orphan?’ Quiz

    How much do you know about the orphans that shaped Islam? Take the quiz to find out. Share it with everyone you know to help us spread the blessings of knowledge this Ramadan. At AMWT, supporting orphans is a fundamental part of our work. We do so across all projects, including Hafiz Sponsorship, where most […]

  • Eye care in Gujjar Khan: Fareeda Salman

    Fareeda Salman hails from Gujjar Khan. In Pakistan’s Punjab, her hometown is known as the ‘land of martyrs.’ It is little wonder then, that its women are so strong. At age 59, Fareeda Salman ought to be settling into a comfortable old-age, with her family and grandchildren around her. Instead, she’s grateful that she can […]

  • In the company of Allah (swt)

    In our work with the elderly poor of Pakistan, Jamshed Soomro is possibly the loneliest, most destitute man we’ve ever met. He is also the most content. “I’m thankful to Allah who helped me by giving me good health,” Says Jamshed. There’s a beautiful light in his face; an easy contentment in his smile, which […]

  • Sponsor a Hafiz: Saleem’s Story

    The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” (Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 4739) Few things are more sacred to mankind than learning and seeking knowledge. Yet for the world’s poorest, who are forced to tackle issues like starvation every day, learning is a […]