Celebrity Endorsements

Find out what our famous supporters have to say about our charity


  • Mohamed Ali Harrath

    CEO Islam Channel

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Celebrities Mohamed Ali Harrath, CEO Islam Channel

    The work of Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is immeasurable, continuously delivering projects and providing aid to numerous needy people around the world. A campaign of AMWT that will have a lasting impact with me is the free eye clinics for cataract surgery – the regaining of ones sight MashAllah.

    Al Mustafa has made commendable progress; I pray Allah SWT provides them with the tools to continue, Ameen.

    Mohamed Ali Harrath
  • Najam Sheraz

    Nasheed Artist

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Celebrities Najam Sheraz, Nasheed Artist

    I am privileged to support AMWT and I will continue supporting them as much I could and urge everyone to do the same to enable this charity to change many more lives.

    Najam Sheraz
  • Lord Qurban Hussain


    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Celebrities Lord Qurban Hussain

    I appreciate AMWT services especially for their Free Eye Camps initiative, to go into rural areas and restore the eyesights of poor people; I believe without their services people would not have been able to get these services. I urge everyone to support this charity as much you can.

    Lord Qurban Hussain
  • Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan

    President of Kashmir

    Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Celebrities Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan

    I know the team and founder of AMWT for the past 3 decades. I can confidently say that they are doing amazing work and I appreciate their work in Kashmir for health and educational projects. I urge everyone in UK to extend your support to AMWT.

    Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan

Lord Nazir Ahmed

Member of the British House of Lords

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust® Celebrities Lord Nazir Ahmed

The prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“The best among you is one whom is beneficial is for humanity”.

I would appeal to everyone that if you can afford it then please support AMWT as they are doing wonderful services for Humanity.

Lord Nazir Ahmed