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  • Eye care in Gujjar Khan: Fareeda Salman

    Fareeda Salman hails from Gujjar Khan. In Pakistan’s Punjab, her hometown is known as the ‘land of martyrs.’ It is little wonder then, that its women are so strong. At age 59, Fareeda Salman ought to be settling into a comfortable old-age, with her family and grandchildren around her. Instead, she’s grateful that she can […]

  • In the company of Allah (swt)

    In our work with the elderly poor of Pakistan, Jamshed Soomro is possibly the loneliest, most destitute man we’ve ever met. He is also the most content. “I’m thankful to Allah who helped me by giving me good health,” Says Jamshed. There’s a beautiful light in his face; an easy contentment in his smile, which […]

  • Sponsor a Hafiz: Saleem’s Story

    The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” (Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 4739) Few things are more sacred to mankind than learning and seeking knowledge. Yet for the world’s poorest, who are forced to tackle issues like starvation every day, learning is a […]

  • Take the AMWT Global Vision Aid Quiz

    How much do you know about avoidable blindness and its most common causes? Take the quiz to find out. Then share or pass it on to raise awareness. Sight is our most precious sense. Without it, there’s only darkness. A mere £35 can give a person independence through the ability to see. It can restore […]

  • Free eye-care: Basit Ali

    Basit Ali is 67 years old. For 30 years, he worked as one of the dispensable millions in Pakistan’s labour industry. Basit Ali worked at a brick factory, under harsh conditions that were detrimental to his health. Eventually when it took its toll on his eyesight, he couldn’t even afford to consult an optometrist. In […]

  • Honour the Elderly: Bibi Shagufta

    At age 67, Bibi Shagufta is learning to find new purpose in her life and reconnect with others. Bibi Shagufta never learnt to read or write. She’s never had a job, nor gained the skills to earn a livelihood. But that doesn’t mean Bibi Shagufta never worked. Marrying young, she learned to run a large […]

  • Conflict survivor to Hafiz: Tariq Khan

    Tariq is the eldest son of a family who has survived conflict and upheaval to be here today, making ends meet in a city far from their home. Hailing from Swat Valley, the family lost all that they knew in 2008, when terrorist attacks laid the region to waste and claimed the life of Tariq’s father. […]

  • Restoring dignity to women with curable blindness: Bibi Khalida

    In the developing world, a single woman is vulnerable. A single woman with no eyesight lives in greater risk and has less hope of survival. But Bibi Khalida wasn’t just a single woman facing the onset of early blindness. She was a single mother. A mother of four, Bibi Khalida lost her husband to cancer […]

  • Honour the Elderly: Shahabuddin

    A father of five daughters and one son, Shahabuddin and his wife made many sacrifices to raise their children and see them marry and settle into their own homes. Shahabuddin could never have imagined that when the time came for him to rely on his children, they would let him down. ‘I have felt alone […]